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Let Us Pray ...

Let us pray as one family in Christ
for our children and parents

Every Monday at 7PM 

St. Andrew Memorial Church,
South Bound Brook, NJ


Молимось разом, як єдина Христова родина
за наших дітей та їхніх батьків

Кожного понеділка о 19:00

Церква-пам'ятник св. Андрія Первозванного,
Савт Бавнд Брук, Н. Дж.

Documents of the Holy Council
Pastoral Reflections
Homily for the Sunday after Ascension - 05/23/17

In Between Time

This (“in between time”) term summarizes so much for us. We all seem to be living in the time between one thing and another.

For youth. For our youth, this is the time between when our youth have been granted adult bodies and a certain knowledge of how the world works - and the time when they can put those bodies and their talents to good use. And no longer does such a description simply apply to the challenges of being a teenager; our culture has extended this time of waiting past its natural breaking point, well into adulthood. This creates tremendous dissonance and tension between what their biology and morality tell them to be natural and correct and what the world tells them is the right way they should live. It is also a time of great anticipation as they wait for their chance to “make a difference”, but this anticipation can be incredibly stressful and brings strong temptations for nihilism, hedonism, self-absorption, superficiality, and despondency.



Вознесіння Господа нашого Ісуса Христа - 05/23/17

Господь наш Ісус Христос приготовлював Своїх учеників до розлуки з ним та до продовження ними Його місії на землі. Після Свого воскресіння із мертвих Ісус являвся вже прославленим тілом ученикам, жонам- мироносицям, апостолам, вірним, споживав з ними їжу та навчав про Царство Боже, творив чудеса (Ів. 21:6).

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